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Other applications

Discover our wide range of high-quality equipment and packaging, perfect for all your needs.

Poly-clip technical and non food related clip solutions

The highly productive and sustainable clip-pak® clipping solution is suitable for many sectors outside the food industry: chemical and pharmaceutical applications, animal feed, tobacco or even hygiene products — in fact, almost anything liquid to highly viscous. Discover Poly-clip's range of high-performance clipping solutions designed to streamline your packaging process.

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Günther's special applications: nothing is impossible!

If you have special requirements, such as marinade preparation, mixing solids for drinks such as tea, mixing animal feed or other wishes, just get in touch. We would like to discuss various solutions. Günther's machines for injecting, tumbling, and marinating employ advanced technology to ensure freshness and quality of products.

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Discover Ilpra's modern packaging solutions and experience efficiency and reliability

ILPRA also specializes in packaging solutions in the cosmetics sector with the Seal Box line. Ilpra also guarantees the packaging of sterile medical products in ultra-hygienic environments, with its thermoforming machines. Ilpra integrates control systems to inspect the finished packaging to ensure its integrity and safety.

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Fortress Technology guarantees security to end users

Fortress Technology is a global leader in custom design, manufacturing and sales of metal and X-ray detectors, as well as checkweighing systems, developed with an exclusive Never Obsolete warranty.

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Coveris packaging with knowledge

Coveris offers innovative, sustainable packaging solutions that protect and extend product life.


Podanfol creates individual technical solutions

Podanfol's gut performance and properties vary to suit a wide range of uses.

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Pujolas: commitment to all industries

With knowledge and over 35 years of experience, innovations and technological improvements, Pujolàs offers automation equipment such as conveyor belts, suspension lines, box unloading and stacking, elevator for containers, and stainless steel pallet lifts.


Astor: your specialist for cutting tools for almost 30 years!

ASTOR manufactures and distributes blades and knives for food processing machines. The production range consists of knives and injection needles for internationally renowned manufacturers, but also for unknown or brand new machines. Astor has accumulated diverse specialist skills in blade production and machining of high alloy steel grades.

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Velati: 150 years of history, experience and innovation.

There are several lines and machines offered for applications such as pharmaceutical and chemical products. These must meet specific requirements and need machines built in accordance with special certifications.


RF Systems: smart thermal processes

RF Systems designs and manufactures radio frequency machines for the food industry that increase and improve the efficiency of drying and heat treatment processes, reduce energy consumption and operating costs. RF Systems drying ensures fast and efficient moisture removal, increases durability and reduces production costs.